Referrals: The Lifeblood to Business Growth
Zoritha Thompson

I was reviewing some information the other day about business referrals.   Even though the information was about growing my business, it was interesting to me that I had just minutes prior to looking over the information, asked some about a new movie that I was wanting to see.

I think many of us would be surprised to know how often we “recommend” or “refer” something we like.  But when it comes to business growth people are not jumping out of the woods to tell us that their friend Joe sent them to see you about those great widget services you make a your business.

What simple things can business people do to get more referrals?  Here are a couple things to do that will get you well on your way to more referrals.   First, you must decide to purposely ask for referrals routinely.  It’s not sometimes, this person or that person, it is everyone when the opportunity appropriately presents itself.

Second, know specifically what you are going to say when you ask someone for a referral.  Take 10 minutes and write a couple of sentences that you feel comfortable with when talking about your business.  Now take the sentences and internalize them so you can say them naturally.

Lastly, make a commitment to get 2 to 3 new business leads for your services weekly.  Get used to hearing the word “no,” but it is a great word to hear because it just means that you are that much closer to hearing “yes.”

By the way, which one of your neighbors is considering a move to a different northern Illinois home?  I would be delighted to share with them the details of using the auction method to sell their property.  Please keep me in mind when real estate questions come up in conversation, I am happy to be of service to you, your friends and business associates.  This is a simple example of what you can say to people when you are seeking a referral.  Good luck with getting more referrals for your business.

Scott Feirn is the Illinois State Broker for and a Business Development Executive/Team Leader for the company in Kane and McHenry Counties.  For more information about agent opportunities in Illinois and about Kane County real estate auctions, McHenry County real estate auctions and other Illinois real estate auctions give Scott a call at 815-963-9198 or email    

Scott Feirn

Scott Feirn, Illinois State Broker for, is also a Team Leader in


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